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How to make an EPK, the all encompassing cheat sheet.

Sense a lot of you guys really liked my last article I wrote explaining what an EPK was and how it was useful, some of you guys even asked me to help you make them. SO rather than spending a bunch of time individually helping one person at a time make their EPK's I decided I could write this article and help out a lot more people all at once!

Now, if you want to go check out the what an EPK article is, just because you've stumbled upon this one in your travels, be sure to check it out here:

Now let's get this first part clear. I am not selling you anything. This is just going to be my best attempt at compiling all of the information you need into one place so it is an all encompassing article! If you ever have any questions or want to work with Heavy Vibe, be sure to email me at

A EPK is what you use to make a good first impression when applying/submitting yourself to …

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